Paul Middleton

For too long I had been at least 20kg overweight due to a sedentary job with my blood pressure and cholesterol being high while my knee joints, in particular, were suffering due to the additional weight. I knew I had to do something to change my lifestyle to enjoy a better future and needed help to get motivated.

I met Dan after asking for a recommendation from my doctor for a personal trainer who could help me get fitter, lose weight and improve my overall health.

Initially, I worked with Dan twice a week at the gym while I increased my walking up to 4 km a day at local parks and the beach. Dan provided a great introduction to the gym and exercises and we slowly progressed in intensity and range of exercises as my fitness and flexibility increased. I then reached a level of fitness with Dan that I felt very ready to increase my sessions with him to three times per week with Dan being very focused on the long range plan of my weight loss, health and fitness.

Dan's professional food preparation experience provided me with a great deal of food and nutritional advice which helped me change my understanding and association with food to develop a far healthier diet which promoted and sustained my energy levels and weight loss. It is quite amazing just how much cheaper a healthy diet can be compared to the over-eating and bad food habits I had developed.

Regular visits to my doctor confirmed my cholesterol and blood pressure had lowered to normal levels while my weight has now dropped 21kg in 7 months which is fantastic! I now have normal BMI for my age and weight and I will now keep it there!

Dan's very generous and genuine commitment to my health together with his caring, easy going nature make training with him a great pleasure, inspiring my own interest and drive to get healthier and change my life for a healthier, happier future. Dan truly worked with me as my long-term 'health improvement' partner and I am very grateful.

Many thanks Dan.

Paul Middleton.



What was the reason you started personal training?

I started personal training to prepare for the victorian police fitness assessment. Which involves, agility test, pushups, prone hold, grip testing, wall climb, beep test, 100m swim

What results have you achieved while training with Trainer Dan?

I passed the victorian police fitness assessment!!!!!!

What was the proudest moment you achieved during your fitness journey with trainer Dan?

Doing proper pushups!!! because I couldn’t even do one and passing the test of course and surprising myself with the strength I had doing deadlifts and chest press.

What advice would you give anyone who is holding back from taking the step forward to start their changes in their fitness and health?

DO IT!!! you will feel so proud of yourself and have so much satisfaction from every little achievement and feel good about yourself.

Random things to describe your experience with trainer Dan