Packages & Services

Premium 1 on 1 Sessions

4 x 60 minute sessions per week. Including regular Poliquin BioSignature consultations, individual training and nutrition program coaching.

The time has come to bring on the changes that you want to see. 4 sessions gives you the key thing you need to help towards your goal. Consistency.
Training plan monitored and adjusted according to your progress and Poliquin BioSignature consultations.
Dan wants the results just as bad as you do.

Small Group Training

Poliquin Group BioSignature Consultations

Have the the training plan, the nutrition details and still have Trainer Dan still keep you on the straight line with Poliquin BioSignature consults. When starting out with my coaching and training, my trainer, yes my trainer. Used Poliquin BioSignature, which I would find awesome results towards my own goals at the time. To put it simple, it worked for me and I believe in it. It can, does and will work for you also. Coached by the Poliquin Group, Level 1 BioSignature in 2014. Poliquin® BioSignature Modulation is a cutting edge, non-invasive fat loss and wellness program.
The program, now exclusively taught by Poliquin Group™, is based on the correlation between body fat storage and hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances are often the shown to attribute towards stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns such as poor sleep, low energy, that brain fog you might be feeling or the stomach cramps you maybe getting after eating some foods. BioSignature method focuses on addressing these imbalances to improve your overall health. Being a BioSignature practitioner, this allows dan to individualised your training program , your nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications based on your unique BioSignature testing results. It is private, and non-invasive and used for any type of individual regardless if you are an competing athlete, everyday 9 to 5 worker, the big boss or everything else in between. Combining Polqiuin BioSignature and a nutrition focus tailored to just yourself. You will find that your results come without thinking. No hours on the cardio machines. No Fatloss pills. No crash course caloric restriction diets. Real programming and Poliquin BioSignature coaching for real results towards a healthier and better you.

Additional Services and Trainer Dan’s further education

Boxing CEC and kettlebell accreditations Private internships with other leading Personal Training Companies Muscle testing – Conducted by Bob Guiel – 2014 Level 1 & 2 Poliquin Group Biosignature – 2015 – Level 1 Inutrition program/education conducted by CleanHealth – 2015 – Level 1 Various seminars from leading fitness teachers and trainers from around the world I personally have not just sat back with my personal training qualification. I continue to source out information from various trainers, groups, authors, courses from Australia and worldwide. I believe my knowledge helps give you the power to make your goals.