Why we luv trainer dan – Yasemin

What was the reason you started personal training?

I started personal training to prepare for the victorian police fitness assessment. Which involves, agility test, pushups, prone hold, grip testing, wall climb, beep test, 100m swim

What results have you achieved while training with Trainer Dan?

I passed the victorian police fitness assessment!!!!!!

What was the proudest moment you achieved during your fitness journey with trainer Dan?

Doing proper pushups!!! because I couldn’t even do one and passing the test of course and surprising myself with the strength I had doing deadlifts and chest press.

What advice would you give anyone who is holding back from taking the step forward to start their changes in their fitness and health?

DO IT!!! you will feel so proud of yourself and have so much satisfaction from every little achievement and feel good about yourself.

Random things to describe your experience with trainer Dan


And now a note from our trainer:

Yas attacked her training from the word go, focused and kept the eye on the prize, while still balancing a shift working job. When given the food ideas plan, Yas followed it so well she dropped 2 kgs and nearly 2% bodyfat, using poliquin group biosignature to rack lean body muscle while going through a strength training phase, which was mostly high intense reps over more sets, not hours and hours of cardio and 25+ reps. This was the result of knowing what was the end goal for Yas, but also what does her body respond to achieve her goals. Not a cookie cutter plan, trainer dan does not work that way.

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