A better way to answer your questions

A new answer to nearly anything asked from our clients.

I am a going to start using this answer that I have heard from other leading trainers in the industry.

It depends.

The fitness industry is really saturated with anyone who is into fitness. Not health. Fitness. I feel there is a difference.
Various courses out there set up to basically perform a snatch and run style of education to any willing to fork out the money.
I am a possible product of this, when I explain where I had my education beginnings. However I was also given a real reality check before completing and I walked out with the understanding all I have now is the licence. The hard work is now.

Due to being a powerlifter and avid beach volleyball player, I am prey to the stereotype of what a trainer should look like in the eyes of the TV, Magazine and other fitness industry leaders. I have to say I agree with some of them. I do, not so much TV and magazines, but true leaders of the fitness industry.

With our clients the first point of call is always inside will shine on outside. Bring balance to what is going internally, being mental, physical or nutritional.

We have all heard it, and if you haven’t you are about to. Skinny fat or Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
Not point in looking like the hottest celebrity if you’re inside is the same cholesterol level as a take way burger store floor, greasy and slippery and most likely full of teenagers ready to drink the weekend away.
Commercial fitness will always speak the same language, eat your grains, train like a machine to the point of tears and near death and get back up again and keep doing cardio cause you don’t want to be a baby kitten.

Yet no real discussions on fixing your gut. Your blood sugar balance. Your need for sleep and balance of stress. How gluten intolerance is a lot larger than people think it is.

So my answer from now on, will be. It depends.

Fat loss. It depends, on how much body fat you want to lose and what are you doing now?

Muscle growth. It depends, are you getting enough sleep at night to allow the best possible muscle, hormone recovery?

Lower your cholesterol. It depends on what foods you are consuming and when are you consuming them.

Find more energy during the day. Depends on are you managing your time, sleep and stress?

Can you see how this answer brings on a real discussion about your health, not just about losing weight and bring on a sweat.

Can we change the way commercial fitness is? It depends.

To aid in a lot of these concerns that we address at dbfitness, we use various coaching tools and education such as Poliquin Group bio signature, which is a great, non invasive way to measure your body fat in realisation to your hormone imbalances that can then be used to tailor nutrition, training and coaching to you individually.

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